Smart electronic solutions for the development of traditional store systems

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Why BirdEye?

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    Expand your digital presence

    Thanks to the Online Store Grant, merchants can expand online, allowing them to reach a wider audience and opening an additional channel for sales

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    Enhance customer experience

    The system provides integrated points of sale that facilitate payment processes and improve customer experience, which increases their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand

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    Integrated sales management

    Thanks to POS integration, merchants can better track sales and manage inventory, improving overall efficiency

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    Improve marketing and offerse

    The system allows the use of customer data to provide targeted offers and increase the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, messages and emails

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    Sales analysis

    Comprehensive analytical reports on business performance, which helps in making informed strategic decisions and understanding what is working well and what needs improvement


Using BirdEye, brick-and-mortar stores can enhance
their transformation into a smart, integrated commerce environment

Learn with us about the most important BirdEye products and services

Join BirdEye now and achieve your business ambitions

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Learn with us about the most important features of the POS application

Your smart application for managing your sales inside your store, increasing your sales, managing delivery to and from the customer, in an easy and convenient way

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Learn with us about the most important features of the online store

Your own platform for displaying and selling your products, with smart technical solutions and diverse and elegant templates.

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Learn with us about the most important features of the dashboard

Managing everything related to the online store, including reports, content management, products, branches, sales, employees, and much more

Easy to operate in BirdEye

The cashier integrated with the online store reduces the need to manually enter data or deal with two separate systems. Employees can process transactions quickly and accurately, and customers can make purchases easily and smoothly

BirdEye services and products

Support Gatways


Promotion & Marketing

Your right gate through which you can promote your products, and facilitate your communication with your customer

  • BirdEye
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • WhatsApp
  • SMS
  • Gmail


We connect your store with domestic and international shipping companies and express delivery companies.

  • DHL
  • .Aramex
  • .smsa


We connect your store with banks and installment payment service providers.

  • MyFatoorah
  • Tap
  • .tabby
BirdEye services and products

We design a corporate identity for your store, photograph your products, with the highest standards of professionalism, and you can buy a domain for your store to distinguish it. You can also buy a theme that distinguishes your store from other stores.

  • Design
  • Photography
  • Private Domain
  • Themes Store


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Cashier device ( POS )

Touch cashier device POS Device Imin Falcon
Model :I22T01
iPad cashier is suitable for point of sale work

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Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner The vibration effect on successful scanning has a large battery that lasts more than 24 hours

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Print invoices

Epson TM-T20III USB + Ethernet Thermal Receipt Printer with Power Adapter, Black

Themes Store

You can buy professional themes that suit your field and make your products appear professional

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Upload date 12/8/2023
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Upload date 17/6/2023
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Upload date 23/11/2023
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Normal Plus
Upload date 11/3/2023

BirdEye Clients

All commercial establishments seeking to develop their systems

BirdEye targets medium-sized stores that expect high growth after the transformation
For modern trade such as toy stores - perfumes - shoes - communications - gifts - books -
Honey - Nutritional Supplements - Personal Care.
In addition, it targets large and medium enterprises with customized packages in terms of
designs and content management

We are distinguished by building a strong database for safe and problem-free browsing

  • Store interfaces and programming

    The POS application, control panel, and stores are designed with elegant, precise, and smooth interfaces that meet all the merchant’s needs

  • Mappings

    We provided the service of linking electronic stores to the point of sale application, payment channels, shipping channels, and others

  • Online stores

    The store integrated with points of sale allows for ease and smoothness of the buying and selling process, and elegant and diverse themes that distinguish your store from other stores.

  • Support

    Communicate with customer service through the communication channels or through customer service in the support service box

Customer service

24/7 Customer support

24/7 Customer support

24/7 Customer support

BirdEye subscription plans

Choose your subscription plan


  • POS
  • Dashboard
  • Devices
  • Warehouses
  • Users


Renewed monthly

  • Online Store

  • Dashboard

  • Warehouses

  • POS

  • Devices

  • Users


Renewed monthly

  • Online Store

  • Dashboard

  • Warehouses

  • POS

  • Devices

  • Users


If you encounter any problem you will find here all the solutions and inquiries about BirdEye

What is the BirdEye platform?

It is a platform with an innovative smart integrated system, with a special and elegant interface, that helps you manage and monitor your store remotely and easily through the dashboard application, in addition to the point of sale application for your store for easy selling through all smart devices and which allows you to display your products online with a special domain for your store to make it easy for your customers to buy through it, as well as you can manage sales operations, inventory, customers, issue electronic invoices and manage the online store through it to save time, effort and money.?

What are the requirements to creat an online store at BirdEye?

Simply ..

⦁ Create a BirdEye account (registration).

⦁ You choose the package that suits you and the duration that suits you (subscriptions section), We provide you with a trial package for {0} days.

⦁ Enjoy your own commercial platform, easily and save you time, effort and money.)

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How can I pay for a BirdEye subscription?

We provide you with many payment platforms

  • Pay On Delivery
Is there technical support after subscribing to BirdEye?

Our applications are easy to use and available in two languages, Arabic and English, and you can also communicate with our customer service and inquire about anything

How can I communicate with BirdEye customer service?

We have many communication channels

What are the services that BirdEye offers?

We offer you comprehensive services that harness technology for you to facilitate all financial transactions that serve your traditional store in a smart and easy technical way through:

A Dashboard Application for your store

It helps you manage and monitor your store remotely.

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A Point Of Sale Application for your store

Through which you can display your products and sell them and manage inventory, customers, issue electronic invoices and manage the store to save time, effort and money. With the note that the application is available for all smart devices.


Create your own Online Store

With many and unique features, various themes, easy management of your store, linking you with payment gateways, linking you directly with shipping companies.

How can I subscribe to BirdEye?

Through the subscriptions section you can choose the package that suits you and the duration that suits you as well. We provide you with a trial package for 30 days

Is there technical training after subscribing to BirdEye?

Yes, one of our features that we offer is that we train you on the product

What is the app store that Bird eye applications are available on?

All Digital Distribution Platforms

  • Apple Store
  • Google play
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